The Edinburgh Landscapers

UX/ Web Design
Project Overview

This project aimed to modernise the current Edinburgh Landscapers website so that it, looked less dated, clearly showed the services offered, and could more easily be viewed on mobile. A second main concern was to increase lead generation for the business and drive more traffic to the website.

  • Create a mobile-first website with a more contemporary look.
  • Increase lead generation for the business
  • Allow easier viewing of services offered.
The Edinburgh landscaper homepage across multiple devices


A priority for this project from the beginning was to ensure that The Edinburgh Landscapers' new website was built with a full understanding of the company’s objectives and to ensure that it satisfied the needs.

To fulfil this, I began the project with a collaborative Discovery phase. This process began with a series of 3 workshops and interviews with the owner, an employee, and an ex-customer. The insights gathered from these sessions helped me to build a strong understanding of the aspirations that the team had for the new website and what customers were coming to the site to look for.

From there, I carried out a comprehensive analysis of competitor sites and generated a series of qualitative and quantitative research as well as general SEO recommendations that would help better inform my later design.


I began building this project by mapping out the content based on the feedback I received during both the interviews and competitor analysis. I then began roughly wireframing that information into screens and created a style guide with new fonts, colours, and components to better reflect the company's new direction with the website. I pulled this information together to build a high-fidelity prototype in adobe XD that would inform my design going forward.

For the build, I was able to code the site using a responsive framework (bootstrap) that allowed for much easier viewing and navigation on mobile devices which made up over 35% of traffic and aligned with the strategic goal of the company.


screenshot of homepage


screen shot of about page


screenshot of services page


screenshot of contact page

End results and takeaways

The final product was a 4-page website built with a mobile-first methodology helping to update The Edinburgh Landscapers website to something more contemporary, keeping up with the latest best practices.

With changes to the site and SEO optimisation from the competitor analysis, traffic increased by 30 per cent in the first two months after the launch with a marked increase in how many leads the company received via the web.

Unfortunately due to time constraints and budget issues we were not able to research the customer base as thoroughly as I would have liked. Looking back, I would have more strongly advocated for this to give us a better understanding of user needs and people's reasons for coming to the site.